Murphy Memories

Friday, June 22, 2018

Milwaukee initiation.

After three long days in the car, we pulled into Milwaukee around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, May 21st. It felt SO good to be out of the car and it feels So good to be in the city that we will call home for the next two years. We are looking forward to it! And even more so now that we got to spend some time exploring. Based on past experience, we are thinking that the next 26 months are going to fly by, so we are determined to make the most of our time out here in the mid-west! So far, so good.
We live at the end of a very quiet
street and the boys love watching
all of the critters go from
tree to tree.
He is a champ.
And oh so cute!

We took a much needed break from an empty
house to go explore Lake Michigan. It is
We might not do much swimming, but
throwing rocks is ALWAYS a good idea.

"I'm Benji, King of The Sticks!"

"I'm Milo, King of The Grassy Hill!"

Our new favorite place.

#3 was a dream during our explorations.

Their first time blowing Dandelions.
Their new favorite past time.
Hairy Bear is our favorite.
"If I can't see Mom, she can't see me"
We found a park within walking distance
of our neighborhood. The boys
were in Heaven! 

Very creative, Miles!
Hide and seek in the backyard.
Watch out for Spiders!

The Oliver loves his Daddy.
We love the library.

A day trip to Iowa to see Ty and Amanda was
definitely worth more time in the car.

We love our boys!

Memorial Day parade

The bands were the boy's favorite part!

This man had all of us

I love my lawn helpers.

Oliver is going to be a contortionist.

Poor Benji, got a stick stuck
in his leg. 

Puddle jumping is ALWAYS
a good idea.

"One, two, three....jump!"

"Mom, this one has a huge

Such an adorable, sleepy, boy.
I have no words but the pride on his
face says it all. We issue the
challenge to fit into this cupboard
to any and all visitors.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Three Day Trek.

Day 1
The Pod got dropped off on Wednesday, the 16th, around 4:00. We loaded it until two in the morning, then it got picked up on Thursday the 17th, around noon. We cleaned all day on the 18th and started our three day trek to Milwaukee on Saturday the 19th. It was such a bittersweet departure and I couldn't help but cry as we left our home of four years behind But we are so excited for the next 26 months in Wisconsin. We can't wait to explore the midwest! The boys were champs throughout the whole drive and like usual, I was the one that complained the most. Thank goodness for a good co-pilot that eased the stress of all of the passengers (and driver) and for Grandpa, that tagged along with us for the whole drive.

Captivated by his Arizona bird book
New books from Goodwill were a
great purchase.
The true champion.

One of the only cool things to
 see while driving through New Mexico.
The Hulk, who also goes by the name
of Grandpa, casually ripped
the door handle off of Lou. NBD

Day 2
Oliver loved his first go around
of baby food although, I think
he was a little disappointed that he
didn't get the same french fries that
his brothers did.
Ice cream at the gas station is always a good idea. 

He is such a trooper.
Benji and Miles were such
awesome helpers.
Day three. Get me out
of this car.
Trying to stay positive.

26 hours later, we made it.
We didn't get a single picture with Grandpa, but we
appreciated all of his help!
We are Wisconsinites!