Murphy Memories

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Last half of August during our first half in Idaho

Because Josh was on his rotation in Salt Lake and because of the Murphy wedding at the beginning of September, we got to stay in Idaho for two and half weeks! We were there for the amazing Solar Eclipse, we got to visit with family and spend some much needed time with Tyler. Josh got to come home on the weekends making the 6 weeks of rotation actually bearable for the both of us. We love Idaho!
Reading books with Grandpa is always a favorite.
Bonding with Uncle Tyler!
Breakfast with the whole crew!
Sand time with the twins.
Eclipse time with Uncle Tyler!

Captivated audience.
SO COOL!!! It was such an amazing
experience to witness totality. God is real!

Such wonderful people. I'm so glad
for our visits.

Reed's Dairy for FHE. It was a hit!
Huckleberry ice cream
with Josh in mind.
This kid and his books...
he just can't get enough!
Exhausted after a long day.
The boys got to play with Nana and
Papa while I went spent a day with the
girls, plus Tyler. 
They didn't miss me at all!

Papa and Dad worked REALLy hard on Lou.

Mini golf, for the win. It was such a fun day!
Mesa falls, as beautiful as ever.

Pellet guns with Papa might just be
their new favorite thing.

Nice shot, Benji!

Okay, working on cars might be up there
with shooting guns.
The boys were fantastic helpers!

Benji and Milo are GREAT at hide and seek!

Hunting talk always comes
before the patient. ;)
The boys are so loved!

Stories are a favorite, for sure.

Errands with mom!

Snuggles with Mom. :)

And the biggest carrot I have
EVER seen. Nice gardening, Dad!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Welcome Home, Elder Freddy!

Kate drove up to Idaho with me and the boys on Monday the 14th, Josh got into town on Wednesday afternoon after his last half of boards and Tyler flew into the Idaho Falls airport on Wednesday night. It was such a wonderful reunion! We are so happy he is home. Two years is a long time!

Benji was a little overwhelmed with all of the people.

Such a cute line-up!


He wasn't missed at all...

Reunited and it feels so good!

Catching up on the funniest videos he missed.