Murphy Memories

Friday, July 21, 2017

June, you were good to us

Even though we didn't get as much time with Dad as we would have liked, June was fabulous. We spent a lot of time playing outside, we got to see our new little baby, and learned some new tricks for Family Home Evening. It was another good one for the books!
Those are some tan little bums!
Maybe because we are CONSTANTLY outside.

We found an incredible splash pad in Mesa.

And had the whole thing to ourselves!

They got completely worn out.

Everyone loves homemade donuts.
We have killer timing :) Or we are the only ones
crazy enough to brave the 120 degrees.

We love our little brother!

They can't get enough!
I promise they aren't in pain.

They don't look similar at all. M&B

We love our sweet, sweet boys.

"Hi, Dad!"
He makes the best forts.
And they have their decorating down to an art.

They were so proud of their car pile, all 150 of them.
And even more proud of their color lines!
The boys opted for "flips with Dad" as
their FHE activity. 

I'm so lucky to have every day
with these two adorable hooligans.
They boys chose Daddy's lap over
Mom's and I HAD to snag a picture!
He fills Dad's shoes out well.

Pretending to be a turtle!

"My back is the shell, Dad."

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

June, June, June

Holy heat-wave, Batman! June has been HOT! It seems like since the first week of June we have only had weather above 105 degrees. Luckily we have splash pads in every direction of us and a pool at every corner. We have put them to good use! And we are feeling even more lucky that we have more trips to Idaho planned to get us out of the heat completely. Bring on the heat, Arizona...or feel free to cool off completely, either way.
We love kid's day at Home Depot!

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Dad makes the best tracks.
We are lovers of icecream.

Miles was a little nervous to go through the
"water tunnel" by himself. 

So Benji offered to hold his hand the
whole way through.

Goodness, they are the cutest.

Slides are always fun in 110+ degrees...when you're
shirtless and wet.

Taking reading into his own hands.
These cuties were thrilled with
how they posed themselves
for the camera. :)

And we ALWAYS look
forward to our FHE treats.

The library is the perfect place to cool off.

Our favorite splash pad of them all!

We know the perfect time to get it all to ourselves!
Milo really wanted his
picture taken.

"DAD, I found your shoes!"
"Mom, where did Benji go?"

Benji and Milo made their own fort while
I cooked some dinner. 
So proud of himself and I am equally as impressed
with how long Benji sat still. Nice work, boys!

Nicely done!
My favorite boys being such great
listeners in church. 

Mom's comfort is not an issue.
Miles, just making himself
as comfortable as possible.
The boys taught themselves
how to use Snapchat.

Luckily I was able to save a few.