Murphy Memories

Monday, January 30, 2017

the Fantastic Freddys

It is always a party at the Fredrickson house because of all of the kids...30 years and younger. There are a lot of us that like to have a good time. It is so much fun to get all of the cousins together and they are finally getting old enough that it is actually fun to play together! Eli loves having some extra testosterone around with Benji and Milo since he is WAY outnumbered during every other family get together. To sum it up, we had a blast and can't wait for our next trip home. 
The kids could throw balls off
of the balcony for hours. 
The grown ups have to take turns throwing them back.
It's exhausting! 

Reading books, their favorite way to pass time.
Winks for Grandma and yummy breakfast to boot.
I found Macie hiding underneath the table
with the stickers.
It got out of hand very fast.

They are my kind of people.

A quick game of Guess Who.
Macie and Sophie picked the same character
three games in a row. Twin telepathy is real.

We all fight over baby Emerie.
Early risers!
Open gym was a great idea!
Doggy-pile Katelyn!
Such a good way to burn some energy!

The boys have to stick together.
Adult day! We love days together.
Killer burrito. Nice
lunch choice, Ryan!
and we LOVE Star Wars!
Haircuts are tradition.

A get together with friends was definitely
not as awkward as this picture makes it seem.
Thanks for the memories!
Thanks for the cars, Grandpa!

Our last day to play with the awesome track before
the trek back to Arizona. 
...and this was one of
the warmer mornings.

It didn't take long for them
to pass out.

Such cuties sharing
a big boy bed.

We are going to miss these mountains.
It was so much fun being in Idaho. We missed the cold and our families and we definitely got our fair share of both. :) Until next time, Idaho. We will miss you.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

the Marvelous Murphys

We got a lot of time with Nana and Papa this week and it was grand. Benji and Milo loved having their undivided attention for a week straight because it meant they got to read all of the books their big hearts desired. We did venture out into the snow a few times, making it a week to remember.

They memorized all of their favorite books. 

Disco ball night is always the best night. 

An adorable duo.
We make some pretty cute elves,
if I do say so myself. 
Game night! We missed Jake.

The perfect day for playing
in the snow. 

Thanks, Papa, for the brief sled ride. 
Benji kicked me off after a few minutes.

You make pulling a sled look easy, Papa.
Benji was So brave and sledded down the hill
with Nana! Nice work, Benji!

Feeding the chickens is always an adventure.

Miles, the Chicken Whisperer.

A fabulous day in the snow. 
It is a tradition to help paint a project or two
while in Idaho. :)

Mom and Dad treated us to a movie and we all
had a blast. Moana was wonderful! And I
think the boys ate a large tub of popcorn each.

Jake is just pure

They sat like this the whole movie, even
through the end credits!