Murphy Memories

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oh, October.

October comes with grace, every year. We love being able to open the windows at night and to play outside without dying of heat. 50 degrees at night and 80 during the day is absolutely glorious after some pretty insane summer heat. We love October! And on another note, I can not believe it is already halfway gone. I have put off blogging because then I have to come to terms with time going by. Time needs to slow down! 
Cars, cars, cars...every day.
Halloween preview on sick boys.
And if it isn't cars, it is books. 
At the park. We love it!

Milo and Benji insisted on playing at the park but were feeling
a little under the weather. Luckily the bridge was pretty comfy. 

A little blurry, but this is how
Benji chooses to sleep. Feet
dangling off of the pillow.
The boys were thoroughly entertained as we swept
the entire neighborhood on Saturday morning.
...and this was their idea, not mine. 

Saturdays mean playing with Daddy.
Milo loves all of the instruments.

We love playing at the park!

The train park is our absolute favorite. It's too
bad that it's 45 minutes away! 
Milo really loves playing hide and seek.
And I love my cute boys.
We love Daddy!
"Benji,what are you wearing?"
"A shirt and Mom's glasses!" 
They are so brave! Braver and tougher than mom,
that's for sure.

The boys really wanted to go swimming, even though
the water was FREEZING cold. Here they are,
pumping themselves up.

But, it is also VERY impressive!
I am putting these in here because I support Josh and
love him for working so hard. But loving him does
not mean I have to love these pictures...
Impromptu photo-opp with Milo. 
But I will definitely not complain! 
His idea, not mine. 
Snapchat is wonderful entertainment.
And Josh keeps me entertained
with snapchat. What a babe.
Miles loves his diaper hat.
Another beautiful day at the park.
And just five minutes before Milo
lost his favorite car in the lake.
Such a sad day for the little guy.
Music is our favorite part of
general conference.
Milo and Benji made a friend at the
park and played for a solid hour
with him. Thanks for playing, Luke!
We love conference weekend.