Murphy Memories

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Welcome Home, Elder Freddy!

Kate drove up to Idaho with me and the boys on Monday the 14th, Josh got into town on Wednesday afternoon after his last half of boards and Tyler flew into the Idaho Falls airport on Wednesday night. It was such a wonderful reunion! We are so happy he is home. Two years is a long time!

Benji was a little overwhelmed with all of the people.

Such a cute line-up!


He wasn't missed at all...

Reunited and it feels so good!

Catching up on the funniest videos he missed.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

August, the first half

We have stayed busy this month and it is only just beginning! The boys have requested pool parties, splash pad bonanzas and puddle jumping whenever possible and on top of our usual routine, we have tried really hard to stay on top of housework and errands so our preparation for Idaho is minimal. Arizona is growing on us though and even if we feel like the heat is pure torture, we sure do enjoy being able to play outside every day of the year. :)
Our favorite splash pad at the Water Tower in Gilbert.

So much to do!

And it totally wipes us out.

Such good helpers!

Pool parties are a must while the water is still warm.

And treats are the most important part!

It takes a lot for these boys to slow down and rest.
Pandora works every time. 

It isn't often that they pick
their dad's lap over mom's.
So when they do, it is
picture worthy!
Another successful day
at the splash pad.

An awful picture, but we loved Cars 3! 

Josh makes an amazing 11 year old primary teacher.

We LOVE monsoon season!

It's a toss up which is better. Puddle jumping in the
rain or sand castles at the park the day after!

Such sweet boys!

Puddle jumping the day after is always a hoot!

Benji knocked his hat off while throwing
rocks into the puddle.

He didn't even hesitate putting it right back on
his head. Gotta love it!

And car racing to top off the morning.

All smiles!
Waving to Dad!

Hi, Dad!
Snapchat filters a.k.a.
pure entertainment
Poor kid had a really hard
time waking up from his nap.

Dad even picked him up
and he just fell right back asleep!
Together is their favorite
place to be.