Murphy Memories

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Happy Independence Day

They were VERY proud of the
outfits they chose for the holiday.
We have a tradition halfway through each month that we make a new calendar for the following one. It helps us stay organized and the boys love knowing what is coming up for us as a family. It also means that they get VERY excited for all of the fun events ahead of us. The Fourth of July was one of those times. They had been looking forward to it for weeks and they had the whole day planned out before we even started July. We woke up, braved the Tosa parade, went for a 20 minute drive to get some sparklers (no fireworks are sold in Milwaukee county), ate some Gillies for lunch, played in our pool, and then they got to stay up WAY past their bedtime to watch the big fireworks with their dad. It was a fantastic day and definitely one we will remember!

We were able to squeeze into a spot right
in between two lovely families.

Happy 4th from the Murphys!

The boys LOVED the classic cars.

It was SO hot and we are all very grateful
for the popsicles they threw to us. 

We love Gillies!

Dad's ice-cream got a little bit
melted on our way home.

We love the pool.

Oliver loves the camera.

How did I get so lucky?

Spotting some fireflies from the front porch.

We love sparklers!

The perfect ending to
a perfect day.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Halfway over

Time gets the best of me and I wish I could figure out how to make it stand still. I am loving this stage with the boys. Benji is thoughtful and kind and very independent. Miles is very playful and helpful and sensitive. Oliver, well, he is getting more mobile and is just as happy as ever. I love watching them grow! ...but I wouldn't mind savoring it just a little bit longer. Time, please, please slow down for me? Thanks. Also, the year is already halfway over, so there's that. Good grief! 
Rainstorms in Wisconsin are like nothing
we have ever experienced before!

We LOVE splashing in puddles!
It works out perfectly that we live at the end
of a dead end.

We get this huge puddle all to ourselves!

But seriously, how did I get so lucky?

Rare and sleepy snuggles.
He thought it was hilarious!
He helped me get ready for the day...and turned the
water on, right on his belly.

Trying Leechees with Dad.

"I'm so excited!"

Benji was so brave! Miles looked at the
texture and wanted nothing to do with them.
Leechees are good, cupcakes are better.

We love Family Home Evening.

These two come in and snuggle with me
if Dad is up before them. It's my favorite.
Benji was VERY excited about
his red outfit. Great choice, pal!
We found a new favorite park!
This might just be where we spend
our whole summer.
We found a little frog there, too!
So fun.
This happy camper is, well,
always happy.

See? Also, he was loving
his first time in the swing.
Miles loves helping.

Benji does too!

They have driven cars probably the same
amount of miles that we have driven Ramona.

We found the cutest little donut shop!
Strawberry and Chocolate
with sparkles (sprinkles). :)
The sprinkles were a hit.

The cutest poolside buddy, ever.
We love the pool!

This kid, with the help of Dad, thought
it would be funny to change the
background of my phone. I didn't
mind one bit!
He is an avid Dr. Pepper drinker.

Even superheroes hold hands in
parking lots....probably.