Murphy Memories

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Marching Forward

Dad thought goggles would
be a good idea. The boys are so excited!
To spare you from my usual paragraph about how quickly time has passed, I will just jump right ahead to the typical "life is good" statement. Life is good here in the Murphy home and every day is full of learning and fun. Life is going to get crazy here in the next little bit with house hunting, graduation, and our big move, but I wouldn't want to share the experiences with anyone else. Life is good.
SO excited. 
These boys know how to have a good time. :)
Ollie-Bear loves his time with his Dad!
Such happy little readers.

Photo-op, mid-movie.

...Oliver tipped over and this is how
Josh found him. Such a sad little face
on such a cute little boy.

I never want to forget these simple and
relaxing park days.

Benji, got juice?

These two underwear heads are hilarious.

Both of them really were
enjoying themselves.
Thanks for the teeth cleaning, Milo!
Pool days are the best days.
Thumbs up!
Benji loves his Seabiscut.
Nana came to town and we had a blast! 

Oh, are the cuteness.
Easter egg hunt #1 was a success.
counting the goods

Oliver's first Easter.
Oh.....that hair!
Sending kisses to Papa!
Easter egg hunt #2 was a success.

We love you, Nana!

And they are my favorite!
They have my whole heart!
(with room for their Daddy, of course)

Thanks for the visit, Nana! We love you!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


I love March in Arizona. The temperature is in the mid-seventies almost every day and we spend as much time as we can, outside. It is pure bliss! Although, we do have to work around Oliver's schedule, which means we can't spend every waking hour outside like we did last Spring. We have had to get a little bit creative with our entertainment but one thing is for sure, we know how to make every day fun! 
Miles and Benji were so proud of themselves and the
fact that they could do this ladder by themselves.
Way to go, big boys!
Such great little readers that have
found a deep love for Calvin and Hobbes.
Miles loves reading to Oliver.

Little Oliver is such a trooper
during our field trips to the park.

I hope I never forget these perfect days with my
amazing boys.

Mom, does Ollie eat so much to
grow his cheeks? -Benji
Headphones were definitely
worth it. :)

Miles, you're a cutie!

Benji, you make me smile!

The boys told me that they decorated their
cars fancy for Daddy's graduation. 

Daddy is SO ready for graduation...
These boys make me so happy!
Benji and Milo take turns reading
their bedtime stories to us, and its just
the cutest thing. They are so smart!
Bathtime is always a good time.
So proud.

Gosh, they (and their brother) are my favorite.

He may be adorable, but his hair
is out of control!

Haircut day for the Hairy-Bear

Thanks for the help, Dad!

Such a momentous occasion required dozens
of pictures...obviously.
Looking dapper, sweet baby boy!


These Shoelace boys have fun with
anything and everything.

"Take a picture of our cool masks, mom!"

"Mom, lets go dip our feet in!"

Sweet Oliver is always up for the ride.

"Lightsaber" fight with Daddy!

Apparently it was pretty bright outside.

I love these sweet boys!
October, 2015
March, 2018. Three years has gone
way too fast!

Josh passed his CDCA exam making it official.
Congratulations, Dr. Murphy. We are so proud of you!

Celebratory dinner for our DENTIST!

These two make every day fun, I tell you. I turned around for five minutes and came back to these crowns made out of my exercise bands. "Mom, take my picture!" ..."Can I see?!" I love my crazies.

Happy four months, sweet boy! We love you!
Oliver weighed in at 16 lbs. 12 oz. and
measured 26 inches long. He is ALWAYS smiling
and brings so much joy into our home. He loves to
play with his toes and talks loudest after the big boys
go to bed. He loves any and all the attention he can get
and is seriously the sweetest baby. He only cries
when he gets woken up from a nap, and when I can't
feed him fast enough. We love our Oliver!

Benji and Miles are such great big brothers!

Such a sweet baby.