Murphy Memories

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Our October was jam packed full of fun but the things the boys were most excited for were A) Grandma's six day visit and B) Halloween. It was FREEZING when my mom got into town so we weren't able to do a whole bunch outside but we managed to take her on a hike up to Holy Hill and it was beautiful. It was so nice to get a good visit in with her! Trunk or Treat was a hit too. The boys loved showing off their costumes and were thrilled that they got to stay up late and eat a donut for their bedtime treat. It has been a fabulous month! 
Dad is always up for trying new foods.
The pictures turned out terribly but the boys had so
much fun opening up and trying a coconut!
Ollie Bear, ready for bed.

Grandma is in town and that means lots of books!
The boys started some soccer and basketball classes
and love them!
A hike up to holy hill with Grandma.

Happy hikers!

The cutness, right there.

The boys had so much fun following the trail.

So beautiful!
It was a beautiful day for a hike.

A trip to the Domes was a must.
We love when Grandma is in town!

My favorite four year olds, my favorite little
lumberjacks, and my favorite laughs caught on camera.

My favorite.
This little one and his busyness
keeps us on our toes! 

Who is that in my living room?!
Miles has so much fun practicing his letters
and does a fabulous job!

He is still as easy going as ever but
definitely lets us know when he has
an opinion about something by grunting,
yelling, growling, and banging his head
while doing so.
Little Scoots is 11 months old!
Oliver does not like being left alone,
he kicks the walls when he wakes
up from his naps. He is such a fabulous baby!
He loves playing with his brothers,
he scoots around wickedly fast, he loves
to eat, and loves to climb up the stairs.
These boys love their new shirts.

Looking good!

Trunk or Treat-ing and donuts, for the win.
They are the most handsome heroes.

There's the power stance we were
hoping to see!

We came home from an outing to find the whole
jug of laundry detergent leaking onto the floor.
Bless you, Josh, for cleaning it up for me.

Josh was cracking up about
Ollie's Bean Beard. 

I just can't get enough of these three.

My little cookie thief. 

Goodnight, super heroes! I'm sure you're
going to save tomorrow, too. 
The cutest almost one
year old I've seen in
three years. :)

Friday, November 2, 2018

Oh oh Oh October!

We aren't even two weeks into October and we have already filled it full of firsts. Benji's first time with lotion in his hair, the boys first time at a new park, our first time at the Milwaukee public Museum, and the boys first field trip. October, if you keep being this good to us we may just have to ask you to slow down so we can savor the time just a little bit longer.
Oliver is a good snuggle buddy for Dad at church.

I kept asking the boys if they were
uncomfortable. They were quick with a
swift "no" but their wedgies were
cracking me up!

Lotion in the hair. Not Benji's favorite look.
Trying out his Frankenstein mask!

We always love a new park! 

And we love that Oliver is old enough to play!
A terrible photo but an attempt at
trying to capture how low his shirt
gets after scooting around on his
belly all day long!

This kid found the perfect little chew
toy at the base of Josh's hood.

"Mom, it's a mammoth like Manny!"
(from Ice Age)
We loved the butterfly room!

The desert centipede was fascinating!
These two love to build cushion forts
Oliver was totally entertained with my
make-up bag.

A Wednesday walk to watch the
cars drive on the 94.

Gosh. I am in denial that he is almost a year old.

Have a wonderful first field trip, big boys!