Murphy Memories

Monday, November 16, 2015

Family Pictures 2015

While Ty and Jamie were here, they were kind enough to take a few family pictures for us. It was quite the event because both boys just wanted to explore and play. So with pinecones in hand and an amazing entertainer behind the camera (thanks, Jamie) Ty managed to snap a few keepers. Thanks!
Thanks for finding the perfect spot, Jamie. :)

Picture perfect.

Throwing the ball for the boys
was a fool-proof idea. 

Milo and his Pine cone

Nanna is the best!

Benji and Milo

We love visitors!

We love uncle Ty!
This past weekend, Nanna made a trip down to visit the boys and brough Uncle Ty with her. We spent a lot of time playing, running and visiting. Nanna even babysit the boys for a few hours so Ty, Josh and I could play some ultimate frisbee. It was a pretty good weekend; we always love visits!
Nanny bought the boys these
awesome pajamas with capes. 

Benji loved them.

Superhero Milo to the rescue!

Trying to get a good picture of
our superheroes. I promise
I wasn't pushing...
That will have to do. :)
Benji and Milo

Even superheroes have story time with their Nanna.
New hat and new PJ's. This is
the life. Thanks, Nanna!
We love the park.

Benji and Miles

Thanks for the fun visit, Nanna!
We love you!

Thanks for playing with us, Uncle
Ty! We love you!

November, flying by

November has flown by! Probably because we spend every minute of every day playing.

Pine-cone is our new
favorite word. 
Benji and Miles
Benji loves finding sticks.

Miles and Benjamin
Miles, showing off his new pine-cone!
Benji, we aren't supposed to
eat the Pine-cones.
Such handsome boys.

Josh walked in on them
snuggled up for some Daniel Tiger.

Milo and Benji love bath time!

A picnic at the park and sun in the eyes.

They like to get dirty.


Two weeks later and still
loving the vampire teeth!

Benji and Milo
Handsome Benji
Handsome Milo

I walked in from the bathroom and I found
them kindly helping me with the
laundry. Thanks boys.

Benji, so happy in a box!

Miles loves to color!