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Monday, November 16, 2015

Splashing through Ocotober

October was an amazing month here in good ol' Gilbert. The weather finally started to cool off and we got some much needed rain! The boys and I love rain because that means we can always find some puddles to jump in. It makes for a good time and some easy entertainment!

Also, Halloween was a lot of fun. We took the boys to a ward party with the Porters and a Halloween party at the school. They had a blast seeing all of the different costumes and loved the excuse to wear their capes all weekend long. 
Benji wanted to wear his new "hat"
all morning long. I finally took it off
when we headed out to public places.
Too cute!

Such big boys!

Fun in the bouncy house.

Benji didn't know what to think
about his new teeth.

Milo figured it out so fast!

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