Murphy Memories

Monday, November 16, 2015

November, flying by

November has flown by! Probably because we spend every minute of every day playing.

Pine-cone is our new
favorite word. 
Benji and Miles
Benji loves finding sticks.

Miles and Benjamin
Miles, showing off his new pine-cone!
Benji, we aren't supposed to
eat the Pine-cones.
Such handsome boys.

Josh walked in on them
snuggled up for some Daniel Tiger.

Milo and Benji love bath time!

A picnic at the park and sun in the eyes.

They like to get dirty.


Two weeks later and still
loving the vampire teeth!

Benji and Milo
Handsome Benji
Handsome Milo

I walked in from the bathroom and I found
them kindly helping me with the
laundry. Thanks boys.

Benji, so happy in a box!

Miles loves to color!

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