Murphy Memories

Friday, September 21, 2018

THE Reunion

Gosh, I missed this one. 
The long awaited Murphy Reunion finally came and it did not disappoint! Other than the fact that we really only had everyone together for less than 40 hours, there were no complaints. We got some much needed time together as a family and we conquered Nauvoo! It was a fun little vacation and we are already looking forward to when we can be together again.

We missed Uncle Bubber.
Inside soccer is ALWAYS a good idea...
if the inside allows it. 

The world missed our selfies.
The most lovingly awkward
brotherly hug I've ever seen.

Miles loved the day in Nauvoo

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Benji couldn't get enough of the horses!
We were big fans of the pioneer games.
Ollie tolerates my kisses.
Professional tree climbers
It took a day, but Ollie finally warmed
up to Nana. 

The boys loved the horses.

They are my favorite!
Just look at that cute face!

And this one? SO CUTE

This little Bear is all smiles.

This goof walked right in front of the
camera as I was taking Benji's picture. :)
He is a dream baby!
That's a pretty even match,
if I do say so myself!
Four cuties on a bench!

We are so happy to be together!
I love this baby!

Forced candid but still pretty natural.
Nana time is his favorite time.

These boys loved chatting with their Papa,
catching frogs, and watching for bugs. 
Benji and Miles loved all of
the attention they got over the
weekend. And human bowling
was a success!

Spikeball was a hit! 
Not sure what they were doing, but
they sure look cute doing it!

These boys make gaming look pretty cool!

Deep dish pizza on our way to the Chicago
airport was DELICIOUS! And I honestly
think that Oliver ate just as much as I did.

Savannah/Patricia is one of my all time favorites.

We got to show off Lake Michigan and
although it was windy and a bit chilly,
it did not disappoint!
The waves were as big as the ocean!

These two just can't get enough of the beach.
Just look at that view!
I think I need a selfie stick...
Just a bunch of Idahoans eating street tacos
in the back of a truck in the middle of 
Milwaukee. One of my proudest moments.
I love these Murphy's of mine.
Just some average Joes doing
a little sight seeing.

It was a fantastic weekend that went way too fast, but we are so grateful we got to spend it as a family. And we may or may not be counting down to Christmas.
Life is good!