Murphy Memories

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy Birthday, Benji and Milo!

One year old
Two years old! Not much has changed ;)

Happy Birthday to our sweet boys. We can't get enough of you and we feel so blessed to have had you in our lives for two years. Life is better with two 2 year olds by our side.

Grandpa comes to visit

We had a few weeks to get back into the swing of life without visitors before Dad got into town. It has been a 3 year tradition for Dad to be with us for the boy's birthday and we look forward to his company every year! We always have a blast!
The boys loved having Grandpa's attention, all day every day, and I know that Dad loved having a little bit of down time to visit with his favorite grandsons between the age of 3 and 1. The boys got spoiled and we know that Grandpa wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you, Dad, for another fun weekend! We are already looking forward to having you again next year :) ...Maybe Josh and I should have more kids so that you visit more.
First thing on the agenda, birthday shopping! 
We couldn't wait to open the awesome gifts.
(don't mind the crooked frames in the background..)
Nice one! 
"Uh-Oh Pagettios!"

Next up, cut off the beard.
You're welcome, Kate! 
Donuts with Grandpa before the Zoo! Everybody loves donuts with
Sparkles (Sprinkles) and Chocolate Milk. Yum!
And the Flamingos were his favorite.
Benji loves his Grandpa.
I love Mr. Miles!

Thanks for the Carousel ride, Grandpa! 

Milo loves riding on Grandpa's shoulders
because he is "so tall yike a Geyaffe"!
The puddles are calling and we must go.

We love Grandpa!
Nice balancing, Benji!

Such silly boys!
Where did Milo's hat go?

Just some light reading with Grandpa.

Thanks for your help cleaning
the church, Dad. Also, you should
audition for the next Ghostbusters.
How about a picnic on Grandpa's lap? Okay!

It's finally time for presents, Yahoo!
Thanks for the books, Nanna & Poppa S!

Slow and steady wins the race.
What does a Dinosaur say?!
Cool shirts, boys.
It never killed anyone to open presents
an inch at a time, Mom.
A Lightning Mcqueen shirt! YAY!

What is it, boys?
Wow, Tractors!! Thanks, Nanna and Poppa!
This is the best day, ever! 
A movie with Grandpa and Raspberries, it doesn't
get better than that. 
We're so glad when Daddy
comes home. 

We love you, Grandpa!
Thank you for the visit. See you soon!

"There is beauty all around.."

I was sifting through pictures a few days ago and came across some that I somehow forgot to put onto the Blog. I wouldn't normally worry about a few pictures but I got looking at them and really started to think about my life right now. It is perfect. Don't get me wrong, it is not perfect in the sense that I don't have any problems, because I do. Finances are always in the back of my mind, timing and coordination with Josh and our schedules, time lost with the boys, things to get done around the house, arguments, regrets, etc. But my life is perfect in the sense that I would not change a single thing.
Our problems are trivial compared to others we could have and we are all happy and healthy, which is more than I could ask for. We have a roof over our heads and food on our table which is such a blessing. I am SO grateful for all that I have right now and I don't ever want to forget or take for granted all that we have. I am so grateful for my beautiful, sweet boys, for my caring and hardworking husband, and for the beauty in the world that revolves, no matter the problems it faces.
A very long explanation of these pictures that won't seem to fit, but they represent just a small part of my beautiful life and I am grateful for every part of it.
Such handsome boys

Such a beautiful sunset, right outside the door.