Murphy Memories

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas with the Murphy family!

A successful snack feast, yet again!
We spent the last half of our Christmas break with the wonderful Murphy family and had a blast. We played with toys, watched some movies and ate good food. The boys loved all of the attention and had so much fun with Nanna, Poppa, Bubber, Ty and Savvy. Time seemed to go by too fast, but as the saying goes, "time flies when you're having fun!"

Captivated by "Elf".

We love Nanna and Poppa!

Christmas Eve jammies are the best. 

Such cuties!

Running to Poppa!

Run, Milo, Run!
Looking all old and sophisticated.
Obligatory Christmas morning photo. We
all look a little sleepy... Oh wait, maybe
because the boys all stayed up until 5
in the morning!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
We love Christmas, yes we do,
we love Christmas, how about you?!

Play-doh is the best!

"I got it!"
The first Christmas picture where we woke
up after the sun. Merry Christmas!

We love our castle!

Mom suggested that we take a picture
in our matching pjs. I told her only if
she copied my pose. This is her laughing
in my face. 

She opted out of this one too. 
There we go! 
That's it. :) 

It looks like they had some good direction
with this pose. 

And that's how it's done! 

You boys must do this for a living. 

We love bubble hats! 

And we love our cousin Claire. 

Looking studious in Nanna's glasses. 

Looking good, Milo-Bean!

The best looking Mr. Potato Head I have ever seen!

The boys love their Nanna. 
Saturday morning cartoons with Ty.
Miles LOVED the snow. 

Benji in his "goo-goo googles".
Thanks for the cute Walrus shirts, Grandpa!

We love you, Nanna and Poppa!

A photo shoot with Trev. He
is a good sport. 

Don't worry, we will see
the snow again next year.

Just waiting for the airplane. 

Miles and Daddy, ready for take off!
Mom and Benji,