Murphy Memories

Monday, May 30, 2016

Idaho, week one.

The boys kept Grandpa entertained while I
finished up some last minute packing. 

A few months ago, my dad offered to drive with me to Idaho to be there for Tyler's phone call home on Mother's Day. We decided to make a trip of it and the boys and I were there for 11 days. It was so good to be home for two weeks and the boys loved being able to play in some cooler weather! We missed Dad (Josh) but it was a lot of fun seeing family for a few days.
Our first stop, four hours in. 
Benji didn't want to leave the tree.
Thank goodness for  fun parks!
Our second stop of the day.
The boys were amazing travelers and we got 9 hours
down with just 5 to go on the second day. 
Breakfast in Beaver before we get on the road! 
Wide open spaces, I have missed this!
First stop of the second day we got
to see Uncle Ty in Salt Lake. 

We love you, Uncle Ty!
And we got to ride the "Excalator"
more times than we could count.

Big hugs for Uncle Ryan, he is Milo's favorite!

We love Uncle Ryan! 

The boys loved having some cute company. 
Such good pals! 
Such cuties! 
Believe it or not, this is one of the best pictures I could
get of Miles. He is always moving! 

We met Uncle Bubber for lunch and
the boys loved every minute of it. 
Which is funny because they didn't sleep 
at all in the car during the 14 hour car ride
to Idaho. Oh the irony.
And then...they fell asleep on the way home. 

And then they woke up to fabulous company! We love
Aunt Kate!

We love all of the love!

Let the fun and games begin! 
It's all fun and games's not. 

We love Uncle Scott! 

All of the boy cousins, such handsome guys! 

Thanks for the help, Kate! 
A party at the park! 
SO much fun on the tire swing! 

Thanks, Aunt Kate!
Such a good Momma!
My two favorites, but we really miss daddy.
Such handsome captains.

"Dad, help!" Both boys wanted to go on the monkey
bars at the same time. Luckily Grandpa was there
to lend a helpful, and much taller, hand. 
Benji wanted to try out the tire swing.

Nice work, Milo-Bean.

Grandpa and little Link.

I love me some big baby smiles! 

The tire swing was a love/hate thing for Liv. 

Charlie had her back the whole time, literally.

Big smiles! 

Much needed sister catch up time. She is the best.

Linkin gives the best smiles. 
But saves the biggest smiles for his Momma. 

We loved being able to spend time with Eli and I think
Eli enjoyed having some boys to play with.
It feels good to be home.

8 cousins under age 6, with another due in October.

Smiles with Grandpa!

We love Grandma.

Benji loved playing peed-a-boo in the baby house.
Miles is always a little too quick for the camera.

So much fun!

Macie makes for good company.

And sweet Sophie keeps us in line. 

Miles, so handsome! 
Benji, so cute! 
Macie, Benji, Milo, and Sophie

Macie is SO excited that she is still
a little bit taller than Benji. 

Macie has a way of keeping
all of us laughing!