Murphy Memories

Friday, October 30, 2015

October, for the win

Benji and Milo
I know I say this at the end of every month but every one seems to go buy quicker than the last. October has been a lot of fun for us though and I guess that is what is most important, right? We have spent the last couple of weeks playing outside and playing dress-up and that, sounds pretty ideal for two one and a half year olds.

Playing in the dirt, their favorite!

We love our daily walks.
Mom, Benji, and Milo 
Milo, Daddy and Benji
Playing at the park with dad
is one of our favorite
things to do. 
Such cute boys!
Benjamin and Miles
Poor kid!
Benji took a pretty serious
nose dive at the park.
We love Saturdays together.
This is how I contain them while I bring
groceries in.
A pretty efficient barricade, if I do say so myself.
Cool cats.
Benji, Mom, and Milo

Miles wouldn't hold still long enough for
me to get a decent picture. 
In motion will just have to do!

Benji kept his sunglasses on for about
an hour. Tough guy!

Miles and Benji
watching the fan with Dad.

Such focus!

Practicing with spoons and trying
pudding for the first time. M&B
Pudding before Broccoli, always.
Why use a spoon if I can just lick it out?
Pudding turned into brown paint
really quickly.
Miles loves pudding.
Too cute! Benji really wanted more.
He was a little upset when I made him take it off.
It was a little too hazardous for my liking!
I walked in on Benji trying out a new hat.
I found some adorable little
masks at the store.

Benji was all smiles!

Of course masks are a must during Daniel Tiger.
Cute Benji
Miles, ready to go!
Buddies through it all!
It's Destructo, Miles Destructo.
Benji, saving the day!
Miles found a hat that was just a tad too small.

Miles and Benji
And then Benji found this one.
Too cute! 

Miles loves the toy box.
"Mom, why do you keep laughing?
We love our adorable boys!