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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

December in Arizona

December in Arizona is not like the winters Josh and I experienced growing up. The winters Josh remembers from his childhood in Alaska, Colorado and Idaho were full of snow caves, snow-ball fights, and warm fires. The memories I have from Idaho are snow days, snow men and hot chocolate. When we think of Christmas and "winter" we think of snow! I don't think we will ever get used to the 60 degree winters we have here in Arizona. Don't get me wrong, it is nice to just have to wear a light jacket but it just doesn't feel like the Christmas season without snow. We do love our time outside though and we have been surprised a few times with how cold it has gotten...even for Arizona!

Benji found a comfy spot at the park.

Miles is almost always on the go.

Benji found a doll at the park.

And they became the best of friends.

Benji and baby

Mesmerized by Christmas lights!

Josh had fun teaching the boys
all about Star Wars with delicious
visual aids. 

They think I'm hilarious.
Too cute for smiles.

Miles fell in the puddle...

It turned into a party!


 A warm bath for big boys!

Hi Nanna!

This is the only way the boys will sit in the bath now.

They will lie down and say, "Big Boy!" :) it's adorable.

Christmas lights at the temple! It was freezing, but so pretty.

We love reading.





:) Miles won.

Painting is our favorite! 

The boys love mom's crazy winter hats.

Milo, the little cheeser.

Checking out some hot air "boons". Thanks, random professional
photographer for taking our picture!
Christmas cookies are delicious!

Decorating some cookies. 

That is quite the concentration, Miles!

Such a cutie-pie!

Benji, giving mom's boots a try.

Quite the set of good-looking legs there, pal!

Miles wanted to give it a go. 

Nice walking, big boy!

Miles and Benjamin using big boy brushes.

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