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Monday, April 18, 2016

April, so far, so good!

Benji, trying out the teeter-totter.
April has been such a fun month for us! The boys have been up for any adventure and we have played very hard every single day. It is starting to get warm enough for splash-pads and swimming pools, so we have added that to our weekly routine. Life is pretty great these days.
The boys got away from me at
the park and found a muddy puddle.
"I sorry mom. Splash in puddles
so fun!" 

There is just no arguing
with a face like that! 

Miles loves to help me open the
garage door. 
They love to put all of their cars in a line than "break it up".
This was taken about 2 seconds before destruction.
Pretty easy entertainment!
April means general conference! 

We love listening to the Prophet!

Miles, look at mom..

Benji look at mom!
It's near impossible to get a good photo with both of them looking.
But he pulls off the mustache better
than mom, so all is well. 
Miles eats his ice-cream like his Mom.

A day at the Zoo. CHeese!!
Such handsome boys!
They get their people watching skills from Daddy. :)

I love my big boys.

Breakfast on the counter, it's what all of the
cool kids are doing.

In search of good puddles after the rain storm.

Hugs for Milo!

Kisses for Benji.

Post-head bonks. Poor guys!
Such a handsome little monkey!

Of course, once Miles was in there,
Benji needed a turn too. 

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Momma, where is Milo-Bean?
Mom, where did Benji go?
We found a pretty sweet splash pad near the house. 

The boys couldn't get enough!

The baby one was our favorite. 

Watching the water. Such good buds.

Apples are the best!
"Mom, where did Benji go?"
"Mom, come find us!"
The cutest toes I've ever seen.
If I don't look at her, she can't see me, right?
Getting pretty good at Hide-and-Seek.

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  1. Oh goodness. I love them. :) There were a few pictures where they looked like mini Joshes!!! I'm already looking forward to the day when we all have real jobs (ha) and can take vacations to play with each other. :) Lincoln will love them.