Murphy Memories

Monday, August 18, 2014

Our First Visitor

Miles and Benji with Grandma
Grandma Murphy flew into Arizona on Thursday the 8th around 6:00. We spent the whole weekend hanging out, taking care of the boys, talking and eating cinnamon rolls. The boys loved having someone here with more energy than mom and loved all of the attention she gave! Josh didn't get much time away from campus, but when he did, we ordered in some yummy food and spent our spare time watching "The Big Bang Theory". Grandma brought her nice new camera and we had fun dressing up the boys and trying to get them to smile for pictures. We loved the company and can't wait to have her down again!

Miles and Benjamin, such good buds already

Benji loves the bath.
Miles, smiling for Grandma.
They look a lot a like in this one! Miles and Benji

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