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Monday, February 1, 2016

More of January

This month has been so much fun for us. The weather has been perfect for playing at the park and the boys are super easy to entertain on days that we stay inside. We paint, play with play-doh, "cook", draw, color, watch movies (mostly Frozen and Tangled), play hide and seek and build forts. I imagine that life will just keep getting better and better with our two hooligans running around! 
Just chugging the juice down. 
Benji, say cheese!
Miles say cheese!
Their favorite spot in the house.
Reading their favorite books with dad.
Dad is so proud!
J-"Who's this?"
Thanks for watching the boys, Grandma and Grandpa.
It was so nice to get out!
The boys picked out some babies
we found at Goodwill. 
They are so sweet with them!

Another fun day at the park!
We love the "sings", "side",
and "sand".

Hi, Daddy!!
There is nothing better than 75
degrees and puddles in the grass.

Painting some Valentines gifts!

We love big boy paintbrushes.

I came into the living room to find them reading books
to each other. ADORABLE!

Nobody snuggles like daddy.

The boys warmed up to "Nanna S"
and "Poppa S" really quickly!
We loved having them in town for a few days.

We love you!

Just some light educational reading with daddy.

We love Chewy, Yoda, Anakin and D2D2.

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