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Saturday, November 11, 2017

OH, October!

October flew by for us...both literally and figuratively. Josh spent almost the whole month flying around the country to Ortho interviews. His first one was at ASDOH, then Houston, Tennessee, Missouri, San Antonio, Kentucky, Louisiana, and then Wisconsin. Whew! He did an amazing job, I am sure, and we can't wait to see where he gets matched! 
The boys and I spent our month playing hard, trying to distract ourselves from dad being gone all month long. Luckily we all survived and thankfully, baby brother didn't come while he was away. It was a month that went by too quickly, but one we will all remember! 
So handsome!

Storm troopers and Kylo Ren.

Entertainment for a solid 20 minutes.
Our date nights this month consisted of
fashion shows for potential interview outfits, ironing
of said outfits, TV shows, and a very pregnant belly.
I love morning snuggles.
The boys got some new sandals
and couldn't wait to take a
picture of them. 

It pays off to be cute.

Free horses  from Wells Fargo
for being so adorable!
The difference in personality
shown in full force.
How many cars hiding in
the pile of Laundry?

36.5 weeks along!
42 cars...
We love park days!
A bowling date with Daddy to celebrate
a weekend with him home.

arcade games are the best part...even if we
don't really get to play every single one.
We love having Daddy home!

An early morning with this one called for some
intense games of Uno. But he insists on "shuffling"
every time (he sorts them by color).

Halloween Prep! 

This Raphael is definitely not rude.

Some major attitude coming
from Leonardo.

We can't wait to have Dad home again!
We took pictures for Daddy on a regular basis.
...and this. :)
Home, so he can take more pictures like this.

This was their favorite picture of the bunch.
We love eating breakfast at the park!
Josh and I lucked out with some pretty special boys.

We spent all afternoon/evening at the splash pad
because, why not?

Showing off their awesome towers.

Mini photo shoot in the baby's room.

They are the best of friends.

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