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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Giving Thanks

It was a surprisingly hot day at the train park,
hence the pink cheeks.
We have a lot to be grateful for but our hearts were especially full this year as we celebrated Thanksgiving with a new baby and family in town. We have happy, healthy children, a warm home and life is good. We are so grateful we got to spend a few days with family and so very thankful for their love!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Grandpa and Oliver got to meet for the
first time. 


Emenadas were surprisingly delicious!

Uncle Tyler is definitely the favorite. 
Another family picture, we can never have too
many of those, right?
Lights at the Mesa temple. We are
going to miss this tradition next year! 

Never too many, right? 
Icecream sundaes! 
They were a hit!
Handsome, bundled up baby.

Such a handsome little brother.

The boys worked really hard to color the
Star Wars galaxy. Dad helped with the labeling, but
all seems to be in order. :)
Such handsome boys. 

Benji's new nighttime ritual.
"Mom, Look at my new hair!"

Tired mom, three clean boys.
The many faces of Oliver. 

All of them so sweet. 

Such a happy park-goer.

Wide awake after bath time!

Benjamin and Miles were so proud. That
slide was a tricky one to get to!

We love our little Ollie-Bear

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