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Friday, July 4, 2014

Arizona, here we come.

On Wednesday, the 25th of June, Josh left Idaho with his brothers to go pack up our moving truck. With their help, Josh was able to load up the truck and clean the apartment in just under 3 1/2 hours. Thank goodness they were there! After a long night of video games, their last hoo-rah, Josh woke up bright and early on Thursday and drove down to mesa in our car. Mom and I loaded up the boys onto an airplane and flew out of Idaho Falls to meet him. The boys were wonderful passengers! Aside from throwing up, they were as happy as could be, they didn't cry once!

When we got to Mesa, we drove to Peoria, ate some In N' Out, got settled in at Jay Marsden's home, and got to bed early. After an early rise Friday morning with the boys, Josh and I got ready for the day and headed out to apartment shop. Our first stop of the day was at a complex called Sun Valley Ranch, and every stop after that didn't live up to the first. We loved it! We tried five more places before we headed back to sign the contract and get ready to move. Dad met us at Jay's after a long day of driving the moving truck from Provo, we ate some Cafe Rio, and got ready for a long day of moving. The office didn't open until 11:00 on Saturday morning, and we were there shortly after to sign the lease and get our keys. WOOHOO!!We started moving in around 12:30 and with the help of a nice couple and some Elders, we got done unloading by 2:30! The move would have been an unbearable task if we hadn't had mom and dad around to help. Mom babysat the boys while the rest of us (mostly dad and Josh) did all of the heavy lifting...her job was probably a little harder! We feel so blessed to have found a place so quickly and even more blessed that it is already starting to feel like home.
Looks like Mom got the easy job :)
We wouldn't have been able to move in so quickly if it hadn't
been for Mom and Dad. Thanks for all of your help!

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