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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our New Home

Benji Loves Lord of the Rings
Reading is our favorite thing to do!
Aside from the 110 degree weather, Arizona has treated us fairly well! We had a couple of weeks to adjust to life and get settled before Josh started school on the 14th. We were able to get all of our boxes unpacked and everything organized before classes started, and we feel so blessed because of it! Life has been an adjustment since then though, with Josh at school all day and me home alone with the boys. We both get up around the same time every day, me to feed the boys and Josh to get ready for school. It makes for some crazy days! We all love when Dad gets home, it gives the boys a much needed break from mom, and it gives mom some adult interaction, which is much needed as well! We love our apartment and feel so blessed to be at this stage in our lives. Josh is loving school and it has only been a couple of weeks! I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with the boys, and we both love being parents.

Dad's first day of school! 

This is how we get the mail every day. 

Josh helping me with some painting. I had
to document it. :)

Miles, playing dress up with Dad. 
Dad gets a kick out of Benji's cute lil' bum.
Miles really can't stand when it is light while he
is trying to nap. Life is rough. 
Benji found his thumb.
He is a really good sport. 

All dressed up and ready for church!

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  1. I love all those pictures! The boys are so cute and getting so big!!! We're glad to hear that you're doing well and that Josh likes school. :)