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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our Life Through Photos

I think it would take a lot longer to tell you about our daily routine than looking at pictures and it definitely wouldn't be as fun. So, here is a day in the life of the twins.

Breakfast, consisting of Rice Cereal and maybe a fruit or veggie.
They are both a little scared of the camera, but they love their cereal despite their disgusted expressions.

Tummy time. It is much more enjoyable now that they can actually get off of the floor!
Miles and Benji 
Naptime. It isn't normally on my lap, but sometimes I'm in the mood for extra snuggles. So, they humor me and take turns napping with mom. Hey, they are only this small once, right?!
Headed to get the mail! 
Time for a walk! We try to get some time outside every day, but it's a lot of work getting all of us out the door!
Sometimes, if it isn't too hot, we find some shade and watch the leaves. 

Classic Cheeser from Benji. 
This is Milo's newest face.
 Play time! The boys love their toys, and they love making faces for mom. I'm lucky when I get some of them on camera, the little Hams.

Believe it or not, he does this when he is happy!

Nice one Benji! 
 Spit bubbles/drooling are a daily occurrence around here. It's a good thing they are so dang cute! 

Dress-up time. Dad comes home and plays some dress-up. We all get laughing pretty hard.
Benji was Dad's Muse this time, poor kid. 

He is such a good sport! 
Mellow Miles. 
Thoughtful Benjamin. 

 Just a few more cute photos, because our day is full of them.

Miles and Benji

Benjamin and Miles
Benji and Miles
Then it's Bath time. The boys LOVE bath time. They laugh at my singing, and splash like there is no tomorrow. Again, they are a little camera shy.
Naked time. Benji rolled away from lotion. He loves being naked! 

Miles and Benji ready for a good book. 
We finish the day off with story time, singing time, then finally bed time. We love all of the time we get with our boys and wouldn't trade any of it for anything! Well, except maybe all of the time in the world, or a time machine. Even though our days consist of the same things, we love every minute of it.

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