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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

5 months old!

I really don't know how the time goes so quickly and frankly, I don't know where the time goes! But, it goes and with the time comes two active, happy, healthy wonderful boys growing faster than their mother cares to admit. Here is a little bit of what they are doing at 5 months old:

-Benji loves to scream. He doesn't scream when he is upset or tired, he just screams to communicate everything else. 
-Miles has learned to communicate through grunting. He takes a big, deep breath and grunts one long grunt until his face turns red. 
-They have both discovered their feet and they love sucking on/biting their little toes.
-Both boys love rolling over. There have been a few times that I set both down, turn my back to grab some toys and turn around to see both of them on their bellies. They are quick!
-Benji loves sucking on the thumb of his left hand.
-Miles sucks on his thumb accompanied with his forefinger. 
-Both boys love their rice cereal.
-They have tried Squash, Carrots and Pears. Squash and Pears are favorites, but they dry-heave at the taste of carrots.
-They love looking at themselves in the mirror and get laughing at their own cute faces.
-We can feel their two bottom front
 teeth starting to make their way to the surface of their gums. 

Each month brings fun new changes and watching them grow up is a blast. They are becoming more and more interactive and that makes for fun days at the Murphy home. Even though the time goes faster than we would like, we love each new stage it brings as it passes. We just can't get enough! 

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