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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some Company and a Birthday Bash

Early birthday gifts for Josh. The least "Nerdy"
birthday so far without even a new book to read! 
Mom and Tyler came down for the weekend and it just so happened to coincide with Josh's 26th birthday. It was great! We picked them up from the airport on Thursday around 6 and came home with Chipotle for dinner. We ate some yummy burritos, played some Mario Kart and got some Horchata slushies from the gas station down the street. And that pretty much sums up our weekend. :)
A much needed haircut for Tyler. 
We played A LOT of Mario Kart and it was a blast! Tyler and I let Josh win every race as a birthday gift. On Friday Mom watched the boys while we went swimming and later on went to a movie, Gaurdians of the Galaxy.  Josh and I hadn't been to a movie since the babies were born and it was a great one to go to. We loved it! Saturday was the actual birthday celebration, so we ordered in some Thai food, played a few card games, and ate Josh's favorite birthday desssert, Sour Cream Blueberry Pie. We finished off the day with shopping in Tempe and another game of Mario Kart. The boys had so much fun visitng with Grandma and Uncle Tyler and Josh and I enjoyed having some people to talk to. It was definitely a weekend to remember!

Happy Birthday, Dad! 

A lot of drool for teething boys. 

But still as happy as can be! Benji and Miles

Loving their play mat. 
They Love their Grandma! 

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