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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Half a year old

Benji and Miles
Where does the time go? No one knows. But bring it on! As time comes and goes we fall in love with all of the changes it brings. The boys are becoming more and more interactive and it is a blast! At six months old, they are laughing all of the time, smiling non-stop and moving twice as much. Here are some of the major changes since last month:

-Both boys are officially sleeping through the night. (insert clapping and congratulations here)
-They are getting more mobile. Instead of just rolling over, they roll over, shimmy to a new spot, roll over, shimmy, twist and roll over again. They can get to where they want to go and they get there pretty darn fast without crawling!
-They love splashing. I think I come away more wet from bath-time than they do.
-They have tried apples, squash, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, carrots, green beans, peas, and bananas and they now love everything. Both boys love to eat.
-Miles would rather sleep on his belly than his back.
-Benji loves fabric by his face.
-Their favorite book is Baby Says "Moo".
-Benji has two teeth and got them both in two days.
-Miles has one but is working on another.
-They love playing with each other. I can lay them both down on a blanket and within minutes they are talking and laughing with each other.
-Benji makes it a goal to always steal his brother's toys.
-Miles is fascinated with his hands.
-They love listening to Taylor Swift.
-They love copying each other. If one does a little fake cough, the other will do one back.
-Speaking of fake coughs, they were fake coughing in all of these pictures, that is why Benji is laughing so hard and Miles looks very concentrated. They crack themselves up!

At their 6 month checkup, both boys were just an inch shorter than their year old cousins at 28 inches long and Benji weighed in at 17 with his brother finally passing him up at 18 pounds.

Watching our boys grow up is so much fun! Each day brings new changes and challenges, but comes with more rewards and joy than we ever thought possible.

At the doctor's office! 

SO mad after shots. It was heartbreaking! 

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