Murphy Memories

Monday, November 17, 2014

Our Life Lately

The boys patiently waiting at the car dealership with makeshift toys.
Our new Nissan Quest
Benji and Milo, pretty content with plastic. 
We found a new car! It was the last week of October when we found the perfect family car for us, a 2012 Nissan Quest! So, we piled into the little Altima, drove to mid-Pheonix and spent all night test-driving, deciding and signing papers. The boys were troopers, but were so glad when we decided to go home and we were all very happy when we drove home in a brand new van.

SO Sleepy. 
Benji was strapped to me, and Miles hung out in the cart.

It didn't take us long to take the van out on our first adventure: Walmart. It was just me and the boys
grocery shopping for the very first time, which made it very exciting! But, we have some pretty easy going and happy boys, so it wasn't too bad. Thank Heavens!
His little "Grandpa hairs". 
Dad loves Milo's little Alfalfa hairs that won't go down! 
Another Walmart outing. 
These sweet old ladies talked to the boys for about 15 minutes.
The boys sure do make friends easily! 
Their first time feeling grass. They laid like this for about 5 minutes
before wiggling their hands and toes. I think they liked it! 
Benji loved the feeling on his feet! 
Miles loved the feeling as he waved his arms up and down. 

Milo, tuckered out after a long day. 

Miles loves his blanket. 
Dad caught some good photos of Benji, mid-yawn.

Benji getting pampered. 

And SO ready for a new activity.

Benji Loves his cuddles.

Miles, a little squished in Mommy's lap.
Benji chewing on everything he can get his mouth on.

The boys love their new friend, Marshall. 

One of a kind! B and M
Benjamin, this isn't a toy! 

Getting more and more used to the camera! M and B

Tummy time turns into wrestling matches. 

yeah, this is after a calm bath...


  1. I always love your pictures! I'm excited for you and your new car! I am learning that our little civic is definitely not a family car... lincoln and his stuff fills it up mighty quickly! We even have to slide the front chairs up to fit the car seat lol.

  2. I love to hear how much you enjoy your Murphy boys and being a mom. We love and miss you.