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Monday, November 17, 2014

So Much Fun!

The boys are getting to be so much fun! They talk non-stop, scream whenever it is too quiet, laugh at each other and themselves, smile at anyone and anything, and wiggle to wherever they want to go. They keep us on our toes but more importantly, they keep us smiling all of the time!
Miles, you make that big head look good.
Benji, telling us how it is. 

 Their hoods were just a little too small for their big heads and it was cracking us up!
Milo loves his new toy! 

Benji loves making his way to the couch. 

Reach, Miles, Reach! 

So close! 

Benji, smiling for the camera.

Milo loves Sunday walks with Dad. 

These dinosaur babies are just too cute! 
Benji the Dino

Milo's new favorite toy! 

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