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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Our Busy Life

We spent the majority of June packing up our little apartment in Mesa and moving over to a rental home in Gilbert making for a busy couple of weeks. The boys were very easy going with the whole process though and despite getting their molars at the same time, they were pretty content and easy to please. We had a lot of fun finding new ways to entertain ourselves and loved having dad around a little more than normal. June was definitely a busy month but I'm pretty sure it would have been busy with or without the move. Busy is our new normal!
Milo found a new way to wear his swimming tube
and he figured it out all by himself! 

-patent pending- 

We just need to work out a few kinks and I'm sure
we could sell it for some big money. 

The boys were "helping" me clean the
baby swings. 

We didn't get very far in the cleaning process.

Miles could have sat in here all day! 

The boys love the
shower but can't stand
water in their eyes. 

We found the perfect solution!

We've got some little monkeys on our hands.

Miles and Benjamin

Fighting over the coveted spot. 

Miles is pretty good at holding his own! 


Playing hide n' seek...
Where's Benji?
There he is!
Where is Milo?
There he is!

I love when the boys let me rock
with them and when Dad
is there to snag a picture.
Benji and Milo

The dreaded day finally came and I
ended up with the boy's cold. Luckily
they were okay with another day
of Tarzan and snuggles.

Benji is finally getting the hang of his
birthday walker!
Bottoms up!

The basket is Milo's favorite place to sit
and he will do anything to get there!

Such good buds watching Tarzan in their
favorite spot. Miles and Benji

Benji doesn't mind riding in the cart
when he has a good view. Luckily
it wasn't the crackers he made a
a seat out of! 

"YES! Mom is buying me more Hot Wheels!"

Benji seriously loves his sunglasses!

Miles had a blast with all of the empty cabinets!

Miles and Benji just relaxing in the pool.

Please, no more pictures. 

We don't take many pictures together anymore,
so a selfie at the pool will have to suffice.

Benjamin loves his new shades.

Looking pretty fly!

Miles had a harder time relaxing.
He wanted to get out of the dang tube and
put his whole face in the water. 

We love snacks at the pool! 

Our new favorite snack is popcorn. 

We are going to miss being just
a few minutes away from the duck pond.

Miles and Benji
Thanks for the cute outfits Grandma
and Grandpa Fred. 
Miles would only lay by me if he was laying on
my arm. Silly boy!

Benji was thoroughly entertained by
the fun toys in the mall. 

Miles was having fun but wanted it to go. 

Maybe next time! We love our little train conductor.

This was Milo's favorite spot for the
week it took us to move the boxes. 
So cute!
I looked away for 5 minutes to find the
packing tape and turned around to this!
Sheesh, Miles is our little monkey.
Benji loves his sunglasses. They
can entertain him for at least five minutes 

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