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Friday, July 3, 2015

Our New Home

We are loving our new home! We had a lot of reasons to move but some of the biggest ones were so that the boys would have more space to play, we would have our own yard and we wouldn't have stairs to trek up and down with heavy babies. And so far we are loving everything about it! We have found a few scorpions, lizards and I even saw a snake today, but other than those creepy crawlies, we haven't found any reasons to miss the apartment. The boys have adjusted well and are LOVING all of the extra room to play.
Happy Birthday, Grandma! 
Our new yard is huge!

The boys love their new pool.

But they love the rocks even more!

Just playing in the rocks, no big deal.

Miles and Benji

As much as they loved the extra room to play,
neither of them could stand the feeling
of the grass tickling their legs. 

Making mom nervous at the thought of finding
scorpions, lizards and snakes. Yikes!

Benji loved trying to find the dirt underneath
all of that spiky green stuff.

"Wide open spaces!"

Bear crawling to their new destination. 

Such cute explorers!

Headed into the pool to cool off.


Benji splashes a little more than Milo likes.

And gets Really into it. :) 

Just playing with some leaves.

We finally found a cart with two
seats at Walmart. I think the
boys enjoyed themselves but
that thing was a beast to drive.

Josh was sweeping up the kitchen and found
this little guy behind our garbage can. If I had been
awake I probably would have packed everything back
up and moved back to the apartment. Josh did the right
thing when he kept it a secret from me and thoroughly
sprayed the whole house the next morning.

Benji just lounging around!

Luckily Miles doesn't mind the

Benji loves his blanket.

Miles, looking pretty tough with his
black eye and shirtless.

They were both very helpful while we unpacked.

Miles and Benji
"Mom, did you need to put these pans in here? We
actually like them better on the floor. Thanks."

Benji, tell me more about how much you dislike
the flash.

Benji loves his new room.

Miles liked this closet so much we may just start
calling him Harry Potter. Too bad it isn't under a set of stairs!

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