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Monday, August 3, 2015

July, you were a hot one.

Miles, enjoying his cool pool. Actually, making
the cold pool cool. 
 July was SO warm. I don't think I will ever get used to how hot it can get during the summer months in Arizona, and I hope I never have to! I am a four seasons kind of gal. Anyways, that is beside the point. The point is that July was very warm so we spent a lot of time in the cold kiddie pool or inside exploring and eating Watermelon. See for yourself! Because apparently those two activities are the only things I took pictures of.
Just exploring in the backyard!
July, you were good to us, but we are really looking forward to the cooler months ahead.

Benji loves splashing in the water.

Josh found another Scorpion! YUCK! Isn't it huge?!

Okay, it was just a little guy, but just as scary.

We love Watermelon!



Nice bite, Milo-Bean!

Nice big bite, Benji!

There we go, that's the stuff.

Big boys!
Miles and Benji

Just filling up the pool for another day outside.

Miles loves watching the pool fill up.

Benji loves watching the water run
out of the pool.

I was in making dinner when things
got a little too quiet...I found the boys
in the tub just playing with their toys.

Who knew that playing in an empty tub would
be just as much fun as a full tub?!

Haircuts and more Watermelon.

Miles and Benji

Splashing and laughing.
This is the life!

We love when daddy stays home.

Benji, Daddy and Milo, just typing away!

Miles found his "happy chair". 

Such a big boy!

A little too big...

Benji wanted a turn too. 

So big!
Benji and Miles

We love rocking on the rocker. 

We love our big boys.

Miles, the fearless.
As I was putting the camera down,
he put one step right off the side
of the rocker. Silly guy.

Josh found a cool rock while
Scorpion hunting.

He found it with the black light!
Pretty awesome rock, Joshy!

Miles likes to climb, Benji likes
to assist.

We may need some drawer locks
before too long.

We tried playing at a park but it
was just too hot! The boys and I had
bright pink cheeks after 10 minutes.

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