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Monday, August 3, 2015

A Drive up to Idaho

Well, Josh's summer break wasn't much of a break for him with studying for two board exams, but we managed to block out a week for a vacation up to Idaho for THE Reunion. This year the Murphy's rented a cabin in Island Park for a week and we spent some much needed time in cooler weather. But before we started our official vacation, we spent a couple of days visiting with my family. It was so fun spending time with everyone and the boys especially enjoyed their cute cousins, Macie and Sophie.
Miles, trying to find a comfortable
napping position.

Benjamin, as cute as ever. 

Once we got to the hotel, we hurried and
put the boys to bed, then barricaded
ourselves in the hotel bathroom to read.
The boys go to bed a little too early
for us night owls! (I ended up
going to bed at 9:30...)

Making myself comfortable.

Josh, just lounging out!

The boys love their Grandpa.
Benji and Milo
Miles and Benji are getting too big
for Grandpa to hold!
The boys LOVED
Great Grandma Fred's flowers.

Milo and Benji
In fact, they knocked all of the petals
off, they loved them so much.
Benji and Miles love
Great Grandpa and his stories.
Great Grandma knows the way to Milo's heart.

Miles and Grandpa

The boys loved playing with Sammy.

Benji and Miles

We loved Grandma's piano!

Benji and favorite Uncle Tyler

Benji and Tyler are pretty good at selfies.

Miles and his favorite toy.

"Mom, look what I can do!" -Milo
"Don't worry, Hailee, he won't choke" -Josh

Miles and Benjamin, literally
into everything.
Grandma had a ball pit that
the boys Loved.

Benji was in heaven!

Miles and Benji, having the time of their lives!

This was Milo's favorite game.

Angie Kelley, Sheryl Bitter and Katie Kelley,
some of the besties from High School. 

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