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Monday, August 3, 2015

August, you're going to be good.

We are three days into August and already it has been one to remember. The boys are getting to be so much fun and so entertaining! They love to play and they are into everything. It is so much fun!
Miles is very good at balancing.
Benji just knocks the cup off before I can snap a picture.

Miles loves hiding behind Mom's chair.
Benjamin loves to splash!

Not the best photo, but they love running
around with their "capes" on.
Miles and Benji

This is how Miles stays entertained
at church.

...This is how Miles AND Dad stay
entertained at church.

I won't complain!

Miles also loves wearing Mom's hats.

All smiles for Mr. Miles.

Benji likes wearing my hats too, he just doesn't
stay still long enough for a picture. Little stinker.

Miles loves the fridge.
The boys get into everything they *think*
they can get themselves in and out of.
Literally, everything. 

Benji does look pretty cozy though!

I have no idea how they both got in here
by themselves.

Pretty darn cute though!

Miles has found a new love
for his bath towel. 

Super Bean!

And Benji loves hats!

This was right in the middle of a laugh.

Such happy boys!
Benji and Miles

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