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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Valentines Day, Buckets and Lethal Injections

How could you not scroll farther with a post title like that?! It's pretty catchy right? Maybe I should write a book or something. Anyways, we have had so much fun this month as the boys have gotten more and more interactive and talkative. They really aren't babies anymore and their personalities get to be more and more fun every day. Benji and Milo play really well together and what one of them tries, they other has to try out for himself. It does keep us on our toes, but most of the time we are laughing as we try to keep up. We love it and we love our sweet boys. 
Happy Valentine's Day, Benji and Milo! 

Benji thought it would be a fun idea to put the
ball basket on his head.

And what one of them does, the other has
to try for himself. 

Benji walked around like this for
about 5 minutes straight. 

Miles was having the time of his life!

Such silly boys!
Okay, okay. Not lethal injections,
but this month Josh and his classmates
have had the "Stab Lab". They practice
their numbing injections over and
over again. 
Just lying down for a quick snack.

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