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Monday, March 21, 2016

Visitor #2

We didn't get much of a break between guests, but the boys are loving all of the extra attention and love. My mom flew in to town just a few days after Jamie left and again, we filled our weekend full of fun outings. We love having Grandma(s) in town! 

Grandma helped Benji
touch a Starfish. 
The boys loved seeing all of the fish.
So fun! 
Miles wanted to try it out too.

The HOOOGE turtle was our favorite.

We loved seeing all of the fish from Finding Nemo.

Entertainment before dinner.

The boys did great!

Zoo day was next. 

Miles loves tractors.

You look good up there, Benji!

Born to drive a tractor. :)
The Tiger was very playful this morning.

The boys would flinch every time he turned around. It
was pretty cute. 
We love having daddy home!
Thanks for being our personal photographer
over the weekend, Mom. You're great!
A petting zoo, for the win. The boys liked the goats and cows!
But their favorite part might have been
the letters on all of the signs. 

A Matinee with the boys, their first movie!
Zootopia was awesome!

Such cute boys. 

Donuts for breakfast, there is
nothing better. 

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