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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wrapping up June

June is hot in Arizona and we have officially run out of new things to do. So we do the same things over and over again to keep ourselves entertained. There was one week that we went to the aquarium three days in a row! And one of those times the owner sneaked us into Lego Land for the day. We have a lot of fun playing but we are so excited for the cooler months to come!
The boys love all of the Cardinal fishes.
The Stingray tank is a favorite too. The boys keep their eyes
open for the Blonde ray, the Cownose ray and the Blue Spotted ray.

Mom doesn't like crowds, so we
are sure to go early enough to be
the only ones in the
play area.
They love sitting in the mall
cars, so we are sure to plan our
aquarium trips with enough time to
do just that.
Day 2

Lego-land is a marvelous thing. 

Miles loved searching for all of the farm
animals hiding in the Duplos.

Benji's favorite thing was the slide. 
Such cute boys. 

But we also loved, well, everything about Lego-land.
Bath-time beards for the win. 


He put the boys down and then split the Sushi while
we watched the Office. We love when Blake
comes over! 
Date night with Uncle Blake.
We love visits to the Gilbert

Showing off our new pajamas.
Skype dates with Nanna. 

We love them! 
Practicing our smiles. Nice work, Benji.
Bath-time shenanigans.

Cutie Milo-Bean!

No more kisses!

Working REALLY hard to get Miles to smile. 
It doesn't take as much work with  Benji.
These boys are my everything! 

Arizona sunsets can be beautiful.

There is no safer place for Watermelon
than the tile floor. Except maybe outside...or
in the sink...but we had fun! 
Such handsome boys. 
Both boys chose to sit with their
Daddy for scripture and prayer.
We had to document it! 

Getting our "Van Gough" on. 

Benji is going to be the next Bob Ross.

Miles will be the next Andy Warhol..maybe. 

Our favorite thing to do is play in the sprinklers and pool outside.
And there is no better way to warm up and dry off than to sit on the
warm concrete for a few minutes. :) Summer is good to us...well, since
it is always summer here, LIFE is good to us. 

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