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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Weekenders

We just had to show off the aquarium.
Marc and Jamie flew down this past weekend to visit with the boys and to celebrate Josh's birthday. It was such a fun few days with them in town and the boys always love the extra love and attention. Nanna and Poppa read every book, played cars all day long, and even spoiled them with some new cars and books too. Josh and I also got some alone time with a trip to the temple and a date with some friends. We love having company! Thanks for the fun visit, we are already counting down to next time.
Smiles all around for a yummy birthday lunch at The Stand.

Making cake turned into
quite the adventure.

And let me tell you from personal
experience, powdered sugar
doesn't make for a very good dry shampoo.
28 has never looked this good. :)
Happy pre-Birthday, Joshy! 

 Benji was a very good help with
blowing out the candles. 

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