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Thursday, February 15, 2018


Books are required. 
We love being able to go to Idaho for Christmas. There is nothing quite like being with family and seeing some snow to make it really feel "Christmasy". And although we leave Idaho with colds, every single time, it is always worth it. We are so blessed to be able to spend the holiday with family!
Game are a must. 

Grandpa can't get enough of little Oliver. 

Definitely the most photogenic siblings
of the family. 

Livi loves little Ollie. 

Merry Christmas, sweet boys!

The cooking/kitchen dancing crew. 
Books for some stir-crazy kids!

Easy-going Ollie
Zoned into their show...
Well, hello there! 
We love books with Grandma!

Games are always a good idea
I love my sweet sister.
Boys and their guns!

Just some average hay decorations on
the way to Nana and Papa's house.

They each made their own. Dad's, Milo's, Benji's.

Belated, but wonderful Snack Feast.
Merry Christmas!

They love their new car tracks!

We got to help Nana and Papa clear
out their furniture for some new carpet.

Molly got the hardest job.

Photo-op at the aquarium!

Papa, you continue to surprise us.
Notice the distance between Molly and the

Molly, way to go!

Nicely done, boys!

It's always a good time with Nana and Papa.

A month and a half old and as cute as ever. 
Photo shoot with my two favorite three year olds.

They stole the show.

Date night to Star Wars!
Oliver sure is loved. 
The boys couldn't get enough of the RZR!
Singing us some songs while we drive.
Silly Papa!
That's a good looking crew, right there!

They started out in their sleeping bags..

Poor kid ended the trip to Idaho with
quite the cut on his head but he was
such a trooper!
New Years Eve and finally all together. 
Happy New Year!

Bringing Croup home, but just
as happy as ever.

Poor kid, he slept, literally, the whole
drive home. 

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