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Thursday, February 15, 2018

January ends

Guys, I say this every month, but I honestly don't know where the time goes and I am sick and tired of it going by so quickly! It needs to slow down because I just can't keep up. But at least every day is fun enough that I don't want it to end! Three kids takes a lot of energy to keep up with, but every minute is exciting. So far 2018 is looking to be a good year. 
Such handsome boys.
The boys take full advantage of my
laundry piles and put all of
their cars to sleep.

Handsome baby

Another day feeding the ducks :)
Mini photo shoot for Dad.

Gosh, I totally lucked out.

We love the "bubble" park.

Another week of lessons!

Thumbs up!

such great boys and such best friends.

10 minutes has never been so fun! ...or has it?

I beat Josh in Dr. Mario
(personal level is irrelevant)
so life is good!

Handsome boys!

We have a thumb sucker!

I hope I never forget our days at the park.

He is such a good baby!

Miles, teaching Ollie about life.

Benji is such a loving brother!

Benji was SO proud of his outfit, we
just had to document it. 

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