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Thursday, August 30, 2018

I can't believe it's August

I honestly can't believe that it is August already. Josh spent the first weekend of the month at a conference in Minnesota and the boys and I have been playing to our hearts content. August has been good to us so far but time just needs to slow down! 
Oliver LOVES the beach.
And these three LOVE the park!

This is as good as it gets but I'm not
complaining one bit!

These two don't go to any parks without
their trusty cars in hand!
Pickle, Zeg, Blaze car and Blaze, we
don't know what we would do without you!

Benji was VERY excited to send
a picture of his new backpack to Dad.

8/3/18 They had the whole pool to themselves!

The whole pool to themselves and
still side by side.

Miles, looking pretty fly
in his Mama's hat.
These two wanted to send a
picture to their dad.
It quickly turned into an
all-out photo shoot!

Such a good big brother. He volunteered
to feed Ollie his bottle and sat there
lovingly, the whole time!
Meanwhile, in Minnesota...

Josh got to see some pretty amazing places!

And was So excited to show these cars to the boys.

Oh, hey there, Oliver!

Just casually getting into some trouble.
He was VERY determined to reach that cord.
These two were SO excited about their
new Star Wars pajamas.

Tough pose
Mean pose.
Silly pose #1

Silly pose #2
Just call him Milo Fett

Kylo Ben(ji)

Miles was SO excited about
his new backpack.

Oliver has found the joy in crawling away
from us during Sacrament meeting.

Welcome home, Dad!

We missed you!!

Even Kylo Ren makes time
for a good book.

Reading is always a priority
for this Stormtrooper.

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