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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nickel City

"Say Cheese!"
So, last weekend was officially THE LAST weekend until the babies are born! And let me tell you, we celebrated in style. We really wanted to take advantage of the time we had and do things that will be harder to do once the babies are here. So, we read our books, lounged around, slept in, stayed up late, relaxed, went to the temple, sat through all three hours of church, went to a late night movie with the Merrills, went to Nickel City with the Merrills and stayed up late with the Merrills playing Mario Party. It was an awesome weekend to end on! Oh, and have I mentioned before how much we love hanging out with the Merrills? Well, we do. :)
Josh is a master at arcade games.

Nickel City was a blast! We headed out around 8:00 and didn't get home until 11 or so! Josh and I spent most of our time playing some of our favorite arcade games: Skee ball, Basketball, Ninja Turtles, and a shooting game. We also spent a lot of time, and Nickels, on random games trying to win some tickets! We ended up with about 250 tickets and rewarded ourselves with a Beatles magnet to add to our collection and some candies. Josh also humored me and posed with me in the photo booth. Aren't we (isn't he) cute?!

Trying to keep up with Josh.
Josh is pretty much a registered cop now.
Skee ball might be the favorite!
We know that our little boys will bring many changes into our lives, and we are more than ready to handle them, but we are already looking forward to our next date night, whenever that may be! Let the count down, to little boys and much needed date nights, begin!

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  1. Hey these Merrills sound like pretty cool folks. ;) I hear they like hanging out with you guys too. :)