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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Final Vacation...seriously though

It was spring break for the Murphys this past week and they had decided it would be fun to go to Moab. Well, when they told us this (a couple of months ago), we told them it would all depend on the babies and an "okay" from the Doctor on wether or not we could go with them. Just four days before they left, I had an appointment. Doctor Allen was very hesitant to give me an "okay" but he did! He just told me to be aware of contractions and to get in the car right away if anything seemed out of the ordinary. Whew! No pressure, right? So, on Friday after Josh's classes, we packed up the car, said a little prayer, and headed down to southern Utah.

This is the Elephant. Can you see it?!

The family had been there all day, and had already done a few large hikes, but we got there in time to go on a short walk to a double arch, and a few others that the Murphys loved. We also got to see an Elephant! We all agreed that with all of the weird shaped rocks and colorful sand, it looked like we were on a different planet! Josh half expected to see Tuscan Raiders roaming around. After our little adventures, we decided that food was good idea. So, as the sun was setting, we drove out of the park and ended up at "Milt's Stop and Eat". It was a pretty ghetto restaruant, but the food came highly recommended! We got some yummy burgers, french fries and onion rings and ate until we couldn't eat any more. Yum! 

Saturday morning, we woke up, got some breakfast and headed to "Canyon Lands" for some more hikes. Josh and I took our books because, well, I couldn't do much hiking. But I did get to go see a few things! It was awesome! Marc and Jamie agreed that the canyons in Canyon Land were much cooler than the Grand Canyon! The views were breathtaking.

It was a sheer drop-off behind us! Mom was a little scared
to get too close. 
Awesome petroglyphs! 
After a full day in the park, we came home, grilled some yummy steaks and porkchops, and hung out all night long. It was a blast! All of the kids, aside from Savannah were reading a Brandon Sanderson novel, so we spent a lot of the evening reading and chatting. It was a much needed, relaxing weekend in Moab. And, it really was our last big trip before the babies are born. This time, I am sure of it. 

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  1. I'll admit I was surprised you took another trip, but I don't blame you one bit!! I had just been thinking the other day how nice the weather would be down in Moab this time of year.