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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Birthday Celebrations and Late Night Adventures

I realize that the last official trip to Idaho was a few weeks ago, but we changed our minds. With my mom turning 50 over the weekend, we decided to get an approval from the doctor and head up to celebrate. But really, this was definitely our last trip up to Idaho until the boys are born; we only have a few weeks left until they are here! I got an "okay" from Dr. Allen, but he advised me to get out and walk around every hour or so. We took that advice to heart and stopped at The Burger Bar about an hour and a half down the road. Mmmm, it was just as delicious as last time!
"You had ONE job."
We pulled into my parents house around 7:00, ate some grilled chicken legs and wings with dad (his favorite) and spent the evening talking and helping Ryan and Janelle assemble their new elliptical.
The Three Stooges

Saturday is when the real party began! The kids had one more gift to get mom and met at the mall at 11:30 and spent a lot of time (and quite a bit of money) making a bookmark for her in one of the photo booths. It was so much fun! 


Eli had a lot of fun playing in the Ball Pit
and got a little carried away filling his clothes
with the balls. Josh snapped this picture
right at the perfect moment! 
Charlie and Uncle Josh playing in the playhouse.
Kate turned 25 and Mom turned 50! Happy Birthday!
Tyler making Macie laugh.

Grandma with all 5 grand kids. 

We all then drove to Shelley and met up at the house where we spent the day playing Frisbee, cooking, and playing with the kids. Katelyn's birthday was just a week away, so we combined birthday dinners and celebrated mom's and Kate's while all of us were there. Dinner was delicious with a phenomenal Prime Rib (Thanks dad!), baked potatoes, yummy rolls, green salad and grilled Salmon. Yum! We love going home to some amazing food! For dessert, we had moms favorite chocolate cake from Sam's club and Katelyn's favorite, Strawberry Shortcake. We then spent the evening together playing games, talking, entertaining children, and laughing. It was a pretty good weekend if I do say so myself!       

After a few short hours visiting the Murphys on Sunday evening, Josh and I got in the car and started the drive back to Provo. It didn't take long before our trip was delayed a significant amount. 
It's normal to find this in the middle of the
freeway, right?
With metal this large in the middle of the road,
the damage could have been much worse! 
About an hour and a half into the drive, we hit something in the middle of the freeway. We heard crashing and banging as we drove over it, so we flipped on the hazards and pulled over. When we got out of the car, we saw that our bumper was barely hanging on to one side, and completely ripped off of the other. So, with our powers combined (all the power I could muster 34 weeks pregnant), we secured the bumper and called it good. Josh then decided to go find what we hit and take a picture to show our insurance company. He found quite a bit of loose metal and ended up helping a lady that had ended up with a flat tire because of the same metal. About an hour after we pulled over, Josh got in the car so we could drive the next ten minutes to Malad and double check our bumper. Well, we made it less than a minute before we pulled over again because of loud, unusual noises our car was making. When Josh got out, he noticed we had a flat tire! Sheesh! So, with the help of a very accommodating police officer, we got pictures for insurance, and changed the tire from our flat to the spare. Finally, an hour and half later, we were on our way. We pulled into Malad to get a little caffeine, double check all of our Jimmy-rigs and go to the bathroom. Josh and I didn't get to Provo until 12:30 a little relieved that that was our last trip for a long while. It was definitely one to remember!
Although I sat in the car, pretty much the whole time, I was
the one that hit the metal. I'm pretty proud. Good thing
I have Josh around to fix things up for me! 
Josh changed two tires in one night. What
a Stud!

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