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Monday, March 3, 2014

A Cold Winter Campout

Josh Loves his calling as a Priest quorum advisor and all of the fun activities that come with it. On February 21st at 5:00, they loaded up all of their camping gear and headed up to Sundance for a winter camp-out. Once they got there and set up camp, they spent a lot of time on a swing and zip-line they found nearby. For dinner the boys had packed yummy hot dogs and for breakfast they each got their own homemade egg mcmuffin; not bad for camping food if you ask me!

Josh entertaining himself
with shadows. 

Josh ended up in his own tent but stayed up until about 12:30 listening to the deacons prank each other. He also found some solid entertainment with the games on his phone and his audio book to listen to! It got below freezing that night, and Josh tried his best to stay warm, but woke up every couple of hours despite his many layers and extra hand warmers. The morning was spent taking down camp and trying to warm up the two boys that fell into the stream from the zip-line. Josh sure enjoyed the outing and the company, but it sure felt nice to come home to yummy food and a nice warm shower!

On Saturday morning, while Josh was packing up camp, I was at home putting a roast in the crock pot to cook. This weekend was the weekend we tried some homemade, authentic Posole! mmm..
So, I threw the Pork in to cook and headed to the store to pick up the last of the ingredients. On Sunday morning we threw the soup into the crock pot and came home from church to a delicious smelling apartment and food ready to eat. Josh ate a lot of Posole on his mission and said it lived up to Posole standards! It was one of his favorite home cooked meals in Long Beach and is still one of his favorite meals to have. And as a first for me, I thought it was delicious!

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