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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Late Night for the Murphys

Looking our best (the best that we can look)
 at 1:50 in the morning.

Josh and I have a small (it's quite large actually) infatuation with the best selling author, Brandon Sanderson. In fact, we own all of his books and 95% of them are signed copies. But, we have our most recent late night to thank for that. 
Brandon Sanderson is an incredible author and just so happens to teach a few classes at BYU. He announced the release of his newest book, Words of Radiance to be on Tuesday, March 4th at 12:00 in the morning and a book signing right after. So, Josh and Ty got their tickets for a book early Monday morning, and then after a full day of class, showed up to get them right at 12:00 sharp. Ty wanted to get home and read the book, so Josh waited in line to get our copy of Words of Radiance personalized, but he had also brought copies of The Well of Ascension, and The Rithmatist to get signed as well. 

I had initially stayed home to get some sleep, but when I found out that Josh was all by himself waiting in line to get our family's books signed, I just had to join in on the fun! So I threw on some clothes, grabbed my mace and walked to campus. An hour and a half later, we met Brandon Sanderson. It might have taken us all week to catch up on sleep, but standing in line together to get our collection of books signed was well worth the late night! 

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