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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pregnant and lovin' it!

We found out we were pregnant the last
 week of August 2013 (4 weeks)
12 weeks, and finally showing. 

14 weeks
 16 weeks- We thought we were going in to the
doctor's office to simply find out the gender of our baby,
but it was then that we found out we were having twin boys!
18 weeks
16 weeks

22 weeks
20 weeks, over halfway!

26 weeks
24 weeks

30 weeks
28 weeks 
32 weeks! 
36 weeks-feeling quite large!
 The pregnancy has been easier than we had expected for twins, but gets progressively more uncomfortable as the weeks go on. Josh has done such a wonderful job taking care of me and catering to my every whim. The babies look healthy and the doctor says all is well. From here on out, it is just a waiting game and even though we haven't decided on names, we are so excited to meet our little boys! 

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  1. You are the cutest pregnant lady ever! ;) So excited for you guys and for your little boys to come!