Murphy Memories

Sunday, June 8, 2014

...just a few of our favorite pictures...

We've got ourselves a GQ model. 
Benji's first haircut, trying to blend
in all of his bald spots..
Our little snuggle rooster 
Miles doesn't really enjoy sleeping
with the lights on.

Escorting dad to the testing center, their first walk.

Holding hands in their sleep, Precious!

Benjamin Loves to snuggle with Dad.

Holding hands with Miles.

Miles and Benjamin

Miles, just chillin' after a bottle.
Benji and Dad

Miles gets really into eating. 

I set Benji down after a nap and un-swaddled him.
After a few minutes, I turned around and saw that he had
grabbed the blanket, wrapped himself back up and
fallen back asleep.

Tummy time equals Crummy time.

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