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Thursday, May 15, 2014

One month old

Benjamin and Miles
The boys are such wonderful babies! Here are some things we have noticed about them during these first few weeks:
-Miles Loves to snuggle. Whenever we burp him, he snuggles right into the crease of our necks and loves every minute of it.
-Benjamin really can't stand being burped on our shoulders. Unlike his brother, he will take his little head and ram it into our shoulders until we move him.
-We often find them sleeping in the EXACT same position.
-If one wakes up the other from a nap, he will mimic the cries of the first to wake up. It is pretty cute actually.
-They love sleeping with mom.
-Both boys are notorious for peeing as soon as the diaper comes off.
-They are still on the same schedule (thank heavens!) and wake up only a few times during the night.
-Benjamin whimpers when he is sad, hungry, or eating.
-They like to throw up as soon as we are all dressed and ready for bed. I say "we" because they are known to throw up all over themselves and whatever is holding them at the time.
-They are learning the difference between an actual bottle and their binkies.
-Miles is quite stubborn when it comes to falling asleep.
-Milo doesn't quite know what to think of baths, Benji really can't stand them.
-Both boys can't stand getting lotioned down after their baths.
-Neither of them like being swaddled because they love their hands right next to their faces.

These first few weeks have been pure bliss and such an adventure. The sleepless nights and loud crying make all of the sweet moments even sweeter! We love our boys and can't wait for the weeks to come, if only we could get the days to slow down a bit!

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  1. It's so hard to believe they're a month old. :) I love reading all of these cute things they do. :)