Murphy Memories

Saturday, May 10, 2014

8 stitches later...

On Thursday afternoon, Josh and I were just lounging around, relaxing in between feedings. Josh was sitting on the floor working on the computer and I was sitting on the couch holding Benjamin and talking to my sister on the phone. After a few minutes, Josh whispered to me, "I am going to go caulk the tub, okay?" I nodded and continued on with my conversation. I watched Josh stand up, take a few steps, reach for the couch, then fall to the floor. My heart dropped. It was probably an overreaction, but I was scared! I threw my phone down, ran over to him, set Benji down and knelt down to my husband face down on the tile in a puddle of his blood. I was freaking out! It took a few seconds, but he finally lifted his head up, felt the blood dripping from his head, and asked for a paper towel. When he turned his head, I saw a two inch gash right above his left eyebrow! He had stood up too fast, passed out, and landed right on our tile floor. OUCH!
I got him some paper towels to hold on his head, we cleaned up the blood and he went to lay down on the couch. After a phone call to his dad, we decided it was best to take him in to get stitches. Ty left class and drove over to take him to the BYU health center and I stayed home to feed the boys. About an hour later, Josh walked through the door with 8 stitches in his head! We think It is going to leave a pretty awesome scar. Only real men can land head first on tile and walk away from it.

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